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What is Domain?

The Domain Name is the address of any website which you use to browse the website. Website is just like home and domain is the address of the home that means the domain name. The domain name is used for various types of networking contexts and specific purposes. “Buy Domain”

How Domain Works?

Simply when you use the internet and enter any domain name into your search engine. A search engine works behind the technology and found your domain if your domain name registered or available then the search engine will show you the following results.

What is IP Address?

An IP address is a single identifying number that is given to every unique computer on the internet. It is consists of a collection of few numbers which are separated by a period, like All computers which are connected to the internet has a different IP address including pc, smartphones, and gaming console, etc.

What are various types of Domain Names?

There are millions of domains that are available on the internet. But .com is the most popular extension which has been used for most websites. And except .com many other domains are available like .org, .net, .tv, .info and many others. And most people recommend using the .com domain.

Let’s know about many different types of Domains that are available in the market. “Buy Domain”

TLD – Top Level Domain

TLDTop Level Domain are generic domain extensions that are included in the highest level in the domain system.

Here are thousands of Top Level Domains – TLDs and some are most popular worldwide which are .com, .net, tv, and .org. But some TLDs are not more famous for example, .club, .biz, .agency, .info, and many others.

ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain

Country Code Top Level DomainccTLD are those domains that are specific for a country that’s the main purpose is to target a whole country and these domains end with .pk, .uk, .india, and many more extensions.

sTLD – Sponsored Top Level Domain

Sponsored Top-Level Domain sTLD is used for a specific purpose or community that is served by domain extension. And these domains examples are .edu for education purposes and .gov for the government etc. And if you are looking for a Sponsored Top Level Domain you can choose any best domain which you want to purchase from domains selling websites.

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