Can I Buy & Sell PayPal Dollars in Pakistan?

What is History of PayPal?

PayPal is a worldwide online payment system that was founded in America in December 1998 as Confinity and after one year Confinity merged in PayPal supports online money transfer. Company serves as a payment processor for their online vendors and auction sites and many other users, and from there, PayPal charges a fee for benefits such as one-click transactions. “Buy & Sell PayPal Dollars

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According to 2020, PayPal works in the 202 markets and it has 305 million registered and active account, PayPal provides facility to their customer for sending and receiving funds in 25 currencies worldwide.

With the help of PayPal, people can send and receive money “Buy & Sell PayPal Dollars” online on e-commerce websites such as eBay, buy or sell goods and services, etc.

PayPal operated Student Account from 2009 to 2016 and allow their parents that set up a student account for transfer money into their account and allow “Buy & Sell PayPal Dollars” debit cards for student use. PayPal’s aim was that students spend money wisely but due to some reasons, PayPal close Students Account services in august 2016.

Govt of Pakistan “Buy & Sell PayPal Dollars” has used Xoom which is money transfer service owned by PayPal for collecting money for the building of two dams in October 2018, Now the Pakistani government is convincing PayPal administration for launching PayPal services in Pakistan, But PayPal Company doesn’t keep intend to introduce their services in Pakistan.

Why PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan?

PayPal company has internal issues with Pakistan. Due to the lack of legal backing PayPal company is not coming to Pakistan (Senator Mohammad Ateeq Sheikh). He was saying that Pakistani director who is working in the PayPal company he wants to introduce the company in Pakistan. But due to fearing money laundering in Pakistan, the company is not coming to Pakistan. The country is losing foreign exchange due to a lack of online money transfer. So this is the main reason for the non-availability of PayPal in Pakistan. But still, our government in touch with PayPal company administration. Maybe in future PayPal will accept our request and came into Pakistan.

How you can use PayPal in Pakistan legally?

We all know that Currently, PayPal is not operating in Pakistan. But also then you want to create a PayPal account in Pakistan. First of All purchase UK Phone Number and then you can create your PayPal account in Pakistan otherwise you will have no chance to create PayPal in Pakistan. So if you have already UK Phone Number then follow our guidelines and signup into your PayPal account.

  • Visit Paypal Official Website
  • Hit on Sign Up Button for Free
  • Now you have two options to create your Paypal Account Choose Which you have to need and Click on Next
  • Here Fill your Email, First Name, Last Name and Strong Password which you could remember always
  • Select valid Email address because you will have a need to verify your Account
  • Now Enter your full details that Paypal needs for creating an account
  • Choose valid country where from you will operate your account
  • Now Confirm your email by clicking on “Yes”

How you can Link Paypal Account with Payoneer?

If you are linking your Paypal account with your Payoneer account then you can follow us and can link your account.

These are all important steps so please carefully follow them:<

  • First of all Visit Paypal Website
  • Sign in to your Paypal account
  • You will your account and click on “Link a Bank” that will be shown on the Account Summary page
  • If your bank is listed then your account will automatically be linked by filling login details
  • In case of not listed your bank, you will need the routing number and account number
  • Now find both numbers of Payoneer account now you have to need login your Payoneer account
  • “US Payment Service” Click on activate
  • Now you will see the “Receive Money” Click on it
  • When you will click on “US Payment Service” then your Routing Number and USA Virtual Account Number will be found
  • Now enter your Routing and USA Virtual Account Number into unverified PayPal Account
  • You will get 2 small deposits which will be sent on your Payoneer account through Paypal
  • Sign in to your Paypal account again
  • When you will sign in your PayPal you will need to put same amount which you get on Payoneer account in PayPal account
  • After that PayPal account will be verified

This is the complete procedure of linking your account with Payoneer easily and please avoid traps of scammers. They can sell you fraudulent PayPal accounts for few rupees. If you will try our steps you will be able to create a legal PayPal account in Pakistan.

Can PayPal be trusted in Pakistan?

PayPal is an electronic payment system in America that provides services to its customers for sending and receiving money. And PayPal can be trusted for those countries where PayPal allow their services.

So if you are Pakistani Paypal users then you can’t trust Paypal because we know that Paypal is not providing their services in Pakistan. And in this case, If you run a Paypal account in Pakistan that can be risky for you. And I will not recommend you for using Paypal in Pakistan. But you have many other alternatives of Paypal like Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney, and Neteller, etc.

Why Payoneer is best alternative of PayPal in Pakistan?

Pakistani freelancers are facing the biggest problems with their payments. Because almost all freelancing website recommends  PayPal payment method but due to non-availability of PayPal in Pakistan our freelancers are facing these problems.

But when Payoneer came to Pakistan they solved almost all problems of Pakistani freelancers. Because Payoneer is a godsend service for Pakistani freelancers. And it popular in especially a couple of years when it started their first instant withdraw in Pakistan.

So now all Pakistani can use Payoneer for sending and receiving payments.

What are the alternatives to PayPal?

PayPal company’s main purpose is to provide security services to their clients.

But unfortunately, Paypal is not available in Pakistan. And our all Pakistani Freelancer E-Commerce community is facing problems with their payments. But don’t worry now you have many alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan which you can use for upcoming payments. So we have selected many alternatives to Payments that you can use.

These are following alternative of Paypal:<

  1. Payoneer                      (Create Your Account by Clicking Here)
  2. Webmoney                   (Create Your Account by Clicking Here)
  3. Payza                             (Create Your Account by Clicking Here)
  4. Skrill                              (Create Your Account by Clicking Here)

If you will use these selected options then you can easily continue your payments. To avoid any new problems use our recommended options.

Can I buy Paypal dollars in Pakistan?

If you are living in Pakistan then you can not use Paypal because Paypal is not operating in Pakistan. So if you want to buy Paypal dollars, you have many other ways but we are offering you a best way to buying Paypal dollars in Pakistan is Apniexchange. Because Apniexchange is a trusted website and it is working for 8 years in this field. So you can buy Paypal dollars at a very low rate from here. Just simply visit the Apniexchange website and contact its experts. They will respond to you quickly.

What is the Best way of Recovering PayPal account Password?

Now we are providing you a best way of recovering your PayPal account Password in Pakistan. If you will follow our guidelines then you would easily recover your PayPal account Password.

Follow these steps for recovering your Password:>

  1. Open your PayPal login page
  2. Here you will see Having trouble logging in?
  3. Now here enter the email address that you are using for your PayPal account and click Next.
  4. Select how you want to recover your password, and click Next.  (Now you will see many options such as Have us call you and Receive a text.)
  5. If you select a  Have us call you,  you’ll receive a call on your mobile phone. Enter a code that he will tell you and create a new password and confirm it by entering the second time.
  6. If you select a Receive a text,   you’ll receive a message on the mobile phone that will be a 6-digit security code use it and then create a new password and confirm it by entering the second time.

PayPal account password should be 8-20 characters long and at least include one number and one symbol.

By following these steps you will easily recover your PayPal password that’s a very simple method.

Can I exchange PayPal dollars in Pakistan?

As we know that PayPal service is missing in Pakistan. So I think you will be thinking about how you can exchange PayPal dollars in Pakistan. But don’t worry we will exchange PayPal dollars in Pakistan. Because Apniexchange is providing currency exchanging services in Pakistan. So you can easily exchange PayPal dollars in Pakistan by visiting the Apniexchange website. Apniexchange experts are always 24/7 hours online for providing the best services to their clients. And Apniexchange prices are affordable so all can easily contact Apniexchange.


The purpose of saying so much was just to let you all know how many Pakistani are worried about PayPal. So don’t worry our government is working on PayPal. And one day with the help of Allah they will succeed in their effort.

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