How to Exchange Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is financial services providing company that’s main purpose is to provide online money transfer. Company was launched in 2005 with 2million dollars. Payoneer added automated tax form in August 2016, over mass payout offers. Millions of businesses are connected with (Exchange Payoneer Dollars) Payoneer in more than 200 countries. Mostly companies like Fiverr, Google, and Getty Images payout their customer through Payoneer. And now you can Exchange Payoneer Dollars from us.

Best Services of Payoneer in Pakistan

Payoneer is Providing Best Services in Pakistan. Because Account Holders can easily send and receive payments in their bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, re-loadable Master Card, and Debit Card which we can use online. Before coming to Payoneer in Pakistan our Pakistani freelancers were facing many difficulties with withdrawing funds. But now they can quickly get their funds in their accounts through Payoneer.

Which Pakistani Banks allow to Withdraw / Cashout Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Payoneer is giving us exceptional services but when we think to withdraw money we are facing many difficulties. Because Payoneer supports a few Banks where we can withdraw payments using ATM Cards from Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered Bank, MCB Bank & Faysal Bank. But we have a great way of withdrawing money. First of All, Create your JazzCash account and link your Payoneer account with JazzCash. Now you can easily withdraw your payments through JazzCash.

How to Create Payoneer Account in Pakistan?

Now you can simply Create Payoneer Account in Pakistan within several minutes. So just follow these steps.

  • Visit Payoneer Official Website
  • Fill your Personal Information
  • Add your Bank IBAN Number
  • After submitting your Request you will get an Approval message From the Payoneer.

Congratulation, Enjoy

Payoneer New Update 2020

Wirecard AG is a financial services provider and a German Payment Processor that is working from 1 January 1999. Wirecard AG is providing electronic payment transaction services,  processed physical and virtual cards.

But Recently 26 June 2020, (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority temporarily rejecting Wirecard AG. And all Wirecard users were unable to use their own cards. Its reason was this that (WCSL) Wirecard Card Solutions Limited in the UK is issue Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard. But the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued requirements on WCSL. And froze all Prepaid card for a temporary time. He said that Cardholder payment was safe and freeze will be temporary.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) told that this action was just taken for customers’ protection and money who use Wirecard. All payments are pending from FCA. And you will not able to withdrawing or receiving your money into your cards.

But After a few days, 6 July 2020  FCA completed its audit and finish freeze on Payoneer. Now you can easily withdraw your Payoneer funds on your ATM card for using them online and in-store. And also you can (Exchange Payoneer Dollars) withdraw your fund into a local bank account for using balance to make payments.

Method of How you can Exchange Payoneer Dollars in Pakistan

If you want to exchange your Payoneer dollars in Pakistan then now you can easily Exchange Payoneer dollars in Pakistan by following these steps.

  • Search Apniexchange in Google
  • Click on First Google result
  • Website Homepage will be on your Front
  • Find Whatsapp Button in Bottom of Homepage
  • Click on Whatsapp Icon and Verify your Number
  • Scan QR Code through your Smartphone
  • You will see Whatsapp Interface Now Apniexchange Experts and solve your problem

How can I Buy & Sell Payoneer Dollars from Apniexchange?

Apniexchange is a Digital E-Currency website that is providing to their customers’ online Buying and Selling foreign currencies service in Pakistan. Many people are facing problems with Buying and Selling their Payoneer dollars living in Pakistan. But now we have a great solution for you. Because you can Buy and Sell the Payoneer dollar in Pakistan through Apniexchange. Because we are working since 2010 in this field and you can trust us. Our rates are very low for Buying and Selling Payoneer dollars. So you can easily contact us through visiting our website and we will respond to you instantly.

Can I Buy Payoneer Account from Apniexchange?

Yes, You can buy a Payoneer account from Apniexchange. Because Apniexchange is offering you to create an account at your own name. You will be able to use your account without any risk because we will provide you a Verified Account. And we will also deliver you a Payout service from your vendor on your behalf. And our rates levels are very low. So you can easily deal with us.

Why You Should Choose ApniExchange For Exchanging Money?

Apniexchange is a Digital Currency Exchanger website. And we are working since 2010 in this field. Our main concern is the great rates for Exchanging Money. And our experts are 24/7 hour online and providing wonderful services to customers. So you can choose Apniexchange for exchanging your Payoneer dollars in Pakistan and you can also Buy and Sell Payoneer dollars from us.

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